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One of the biggest concerns of high technology companies is the loss of Intellectual Property (IP).  The cost of the loss of IP is about $250 billion per year and the loss of 750,000 jobs per year in the U.S.

How is IP lost?  In many cases it is either through an attack by hackers, malicious or well meaning insiders, and broken business processes.  According to the SANS Institute over 50% of employees take information with them when the leave the company and over 40% say the will use it in their new jobs.

Data Loss Prevention (DLP) is a great tool which can help organizations do several things:  Know where their data is at, who has access to it, and if it is protected.  In many cases the initial risk assessment done at organizations with a DLP system reveals that IP data is often outside of the areas where it is supposed to be located.  By using DLP in combination with encryption and classification tools, companies can ensure the protection of their data.