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Risk Assessment 

What is your risk of confidential data loss?

The rise in data security breaches and trade secret violations over the past year is a wake-up call for executives—network security is not enough. Global corporations and government organizations require more than network security and access control to guard their confidential data. They must protect the data itself.

Most organizations have no visibility into where their confidential data is stored on the network, control over where that data is going, or what to do once they find it.

Trum Partners offers a Risk Assessment that allows organizations to quantify and qualify their risk of data loss. At the end of the engagement you will understand:

  • Where is confidential information exposed in open file shares and desktops?
  • How much and what type of confidential information is exiting the network?
  • Who is transmitting confidential information outside the organization?
  • What sensitive information is being copied to removable devices or printed and faxed electronically and who is responsible?
  • What network protocols carry the most violations?
  • What business processes need to be updated?
  • What regulations are being violated?

Our team of Data Loss Prevention experts will work with you to understand your unique data security requirements, priorities, and share insight into industry best practices. Contact us to get started.